Soga held fram, her er hefte nummer to.

What a day, what a LOVELY DAY! A month after issue 1, here’s the next one. Doing this comic daily is a big pleasure, but also a pretty insane ride. Some days I’m so behind schedule that I just want to forget about the whole thing. All your feedback (offline and online) keeps me going. And of course my little group of Patreons, remember that you can also be one.

The cover this time is a tribute to the amazing movie Mad Max Fury Road which I just watched (twice).

Since JensK #1, I attended the second Oslo 24H Challenge, my 24 hour comic Camera Obscura can be ordered in physical version from  It can be read as a sequel to the comic Cabin Fever (which can be bought at the same site).

JensK #2 is the smartphone-free issue. I wanted to see how the main character would manage without his smartphone for a month. It turned out to get pretty ugly. He also gets two strong antagonists, the bird and the big tech guy. (Love that phone repair dude, he should definitely get a comeback one day.)

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