What a year. I’m writing this foreword in December, my most unproductive month in what has probably been my most productive year ever. I stopped doing daily comics pages on October 1st, knowing that the energy won’t be back until (hopefully) in spring. 

I was on a good flow doing these, one page every day. Now, being out of the flow, there are pages I hardly recognize making. I look at them just as you, from «the outside», and I’m sort of puzzled.

First of all: why are the first few pages all in black and white? Second: why are two pages in square format, and the rest of them rectangular? More important: I can’t help but think that some of these storylines should be expanded. Well most of them. The poke-incidence, the caffeine overdose, the dancing girl. It’s like these are just drafts for longer stories, hints of what could be told. If I had more time, I guess. And/or patience. And if  winter didn’t hit me like a massive block of un-productiveness. Well, that’s the cycle, I’m getting more and more used to it. Good to see these pages on print anyway, as they were ment to be. However puzzling it may be.

Buy it over at www.jensk.no.


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