In June 2016 I did my third ever 24 hour comic (24 pages in 24 hours). I did it as a part of the annual Oslo 24h Challenge. I wanted to do a new story about Death at work, that is: Death picking up some poor soul. I had been thinking for a while: can I make a story about Death collecting a child? How would that turn out?


I recently saw this video online (see below) from a drone flying over the remains of the Syrian city Homs. These strong and hyper-realistic images appealed to me in some strange way. The result of the bombing got so real, would it live even stronger in my consience if I drew them? I also found it interesting, the aestesic part of it: it’s both gruesome and beautiful, mixed up in a kind of disturbing way.

I picked a bigger original format for my 24h comic this time, my two previous ones were drawn in A5-size to keep the amount of details low. This was definitely making it harder for myself, but these ruins demanded some level of detail to work at all.


I had one little doodle in my sketchbook that turned out to be the main character in the story, this little dark haired survival girl. Passing her days alone (it seems) except for her only friend, the cat.



After a long night (ending with me falling asleep over the laptop), I managed to get the story sent to print. All finished pages were scanned at around 04.00 (that being the 20th hour), I allowed myself to do some coloring work next morning, just to make this look as good as I possibly could before the printing deadline. Anyway, you should go and order the printed copy over at

Here follows the firs 8 pages:








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