Issue FIVE! And all of that in less than a year, how the hell does he do it? And why!? Hasn’t he got a day job, hasn’t he got commitments, family, freelance work… What’s with all these comics?!
I myself start to wonder sometimes. Recently I saw an interview with Nick Cave on YouTube, he said:

«I do wish to carry on making music. It’s getting more and more important to me. I don’t see any reasons why I can’t. All my thirties I always thought: this is the last record, last song or … the last DAY, really. But… I’m over fourty, and… something happens when you suddenly just realize that life continues. And your creative potential is always there if you kind of treat it with a little respect.»

I think that’s what this project is about: treating my creative potential with a little respect. I can see from issue one to five that I’m learning, I’m developing, I’m sure you guys can see it too. I should probably say thanks. If it wasn’t for you readers, and especially you patreons, this journey wouldn’t have happened.

I’m grateful.

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